Blue Venao, Luxury Beachfront  

Welcome to Blue Venao, a captivating beachfront haven nestled within the heart of Playa Venao. Discover a unique coastal community where lush natural beauty meets the azure waters of the Azuero Peninsula.

Your Beachfront Oasis in Playa Venao

Experience a vibrant coastal lifestyle at Blue Venao. Our beachfront community in Playa Venao, nestled within a lush, gated environment, offers beautifully designed villas and condominiums just steps from the sea. Discover a world of relaxation, adventure, and connection, whether it's surfing, dining, or savoring the beauty of Azuero. Your beachfront lifestyle awaits at Blue Venao.


Offers tastefully designed villas and condominiums just steps from the beach.
Various property options, including villas, premium villas, and apartments.

Playa Venao
Dekel Holdings
Unit Types
Villas, Premium Villas , Condos, Penthouses, Duplexes
Unit sizes
99 m2 - 450 m2

Bringing a beach community to life

Blue Venao, a visionary project by Dekel Group, has redefined Panama's coastal living. This extraordinary real estate development is perched in Playa Venao, Los Santos, Panama, and was born from the ambition to create a vibrant residential beachfront neighborhood in an area once untouched. The journey was no easy feat; it involved clearing the land and constructing a massive 155,000-cubic-meter landfill across the entire property. This herculean effort has resulted in a coastal paradise, where modern luxury harmonizes with the natural beauty of the beach.

Swimming pools
Beach Club & Restaurant
Gated Community
OCEAN VIEW  & beach front UNITS

Living at Blue Venao

Choose your ideal home in Blue Venao and become part of a thriving community where coastal living meets modern comfort. Our tastefully designed villas and condominiums offer the perfect blend of tranquility and adventure, just steps away from the sandy shores. Immerse yourself in the vibrant lifestyle of Blue Venao, where every day brings new opportunities for relaxation, exploration, and connection.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant lifestyle of Blue Venao!

Discover a world of coastal living within the vibrant community of Blue Venao. From surfing and sport fishing to yoga and gastronomy, our beachfront haven in the Azuero Peninsula offers diverse activities. Explore the nearby beaches, embark on adventures like trips to Isla Iguana, and experience the safety and charm of Playa Venao. Discover a tropical paradise at Blue Venao!

The Perfect Location for Your Second Home.

Blue Venao, the highlight of Playa Venao, is nestled in a charming gated community, surrounded by lush nature, rolling hills and tropical Azuero waters, and offers tastefully designed villas and condominiums just steps from the beach.

Perfectly Positioned

Blue Venao in Playa Venao, Los Santos, Panama, places you within easy reach of Isla Iguana, El Ciruelo, Playa Toro, and the vibrant Venao beach community, known for its safety and abundant activities. This ideal location ensures you're always close to adventure and relaxation.

Thriving Communities

Blue Venao embodies Dekel's dedication to crafting thriving coastal communities and inviting residents to embrace a new standard of beachfront living in Panama.

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