Bringing Life to Overlooked Locations

Dekel Holdings is dedicated to transforming overlooked locations into vibrant communities. With our expertise and innovative approach, we turn these spaces into value-driven destinations that foster social engagement and a deep sense of belonging.

Dekel's Methodology

Our success begins with a unique approach crafted for each community. This methodology is the guiding force behind our commitment to not just develop, but to revitalize and elevate.

Customized Excellence

Tailoring processes to suit each location ensures that we bring out the best in every community. From selection to building, our approach is individualized for seamless integration.

Community Development

We accelerate community development through advanced systems and platforms, utilizing technology to propel our projects forward swiftly and efficiently. Dekel pioneers a future where innovation meets community vitality.


Creating Vibrant Communities That Foster Belonging

At Dekel Holdings, we specialize in turning overlooked locations into vibrant, value-driven destinations that foster meaningful social engagement and a deep sense of belonging. Through our proprietary methodology and comprehensive toolkit, we expedite the process of community evolution, delivering value at the speed of inspiration.

Positive Impact

Our work has a positive impact on local communities, creating remarkable atmosphere and lifestyle.

Social Engagement

We foster social engagement and a deep sense of belonging in every destination we build.

Meet Our Team

Dekel's uniqueness lies not only in the vast domain experience and expertise of our team but also in the diverse inspiration drawn from global perspectives, cultures, and experiences. Our global team collaborates seamlessly, fostering a true partnership ethos that places mutual benefit, well-being, and engagement as our top priorities. Whether in our offices or across various countries and destinations, Dekel operates as a unified force dedicated to creating vibrant communities.

Daniel Rudasevski

Daniel has been developing real estate in Central America, Europe, and the US for over a decade. His mission is to redevelop struggling neighborhoods and overseen oceanfront communities into vibrant communities through urban regeneration and by offering lifestyle opportunities. As head of Business Development and Dekel’s extensive asset development program, Daniel has secured, reorganized, and consolidated many assets, bring the group’s vision to life and putting Panama on the map as the new Central America vacation investment destination.

Rafael Museri

Rafael brings over 15 years of experience in international real estate development. For over a decade, he has played a strategic role in the development, management, and successful commercialization of real estate projects along Panama’s Pacific Coast.With a clear vision and well-honed expertise, he has been instrumental in the aggregation of Dekel’s broad portfolio of real estate assets and in the growth of the group and its team.

Avihai David

Avihai brings nearly 15 years of experience in urban development and construction, along with extensive expertise in driving real estate growth in Panama and Europe. Prior to joining Rafael & Daniel to found the Dekel Group, Avihai spent four years in Africa, leading projects for diamond mining operations.

Hector Cateriano

Héctor brings more than 20 years of experience in private equity in emerging markets, such as India, the Baltic States, and Latin America, having held multiple senior executive positions including founding partner and CEO of MAS Equity Partners, and Director for private equity firm SEAF in India and the Baltics. Héctor holds a bachelor´s degree in business administration from Universidad Católica Santa María MBA Escuela de Negocios Para Graduados (ESAN).

Gali Saad
Global Executive Assistant

Gali joined Dekel in 2014 as office manager and personal assistant to the co-founders and managing partners. In her current role, Gali serves as an all-around gatekeeper and is charged with the strategic management of priorities, goals, and objectives. Her optimism and deeply practical approach to operations enables her to craft innovative solutions to seemingly insurmountable challenges, which is a great asset to the team.

Eduardo Izaguirre
Head of Design, Panama

Eduardo brings over 15 years of experience in architecture, urban design, and interior design. In his current role he is focused on the renovation and restoration of architectural heritage as well as on creating functional spaces and experiences that promote new residential, commercial, and cultural opportunities in Dekel neighborhoods.

EJ Gorman
VP Development, Pedasi

EJ joined Dekel Group in December 2010 as Director of Sales & Marketing for Andromeda Ocean Estates, bringing 16 years of experience in the Panama real estate development market. In his current role, he leads the activities of the development team in Pedasi, Panama, which is focused on building high quality products and experiences and growing the area into the best beach destination in Panama. E.J. has an MBA from joined Dekel Group in December 2010 as Director to Sales & Marketing for Andromeda Ocean Estates.

Michael Rudasevski
Commercial & Operations Manager, Pedasi

Michael is a real estate veteran who brings a strong drive to improving communities and a unique ability to connect with just the right professionals who can make it happen. He has been with the Dekel Group since 2014, and in his current role he powers the building and authentic nurturing of communities in Pedasi, which has enjoyed tremendous growth under his leadership.


Transforming City's Core

Formerly bustling, now sought-after locale with high property prices

City Center Revamp

Casco Viejo, once the heart of Panama City, had fallen into decline as the city expanded. Dekel's bold initiative breathed new life into this historic area, preserving its heritage while transforming it into a thriving modern neighborhood.

Seaside Villages

When Dekel's founders arrived in Pedasi, a quaint fishing village on Panama's Azuero Peninsula, they saw beyond its humble exterior. Pedasi marked Dekel's inaugural project, showcasing a unique strategy that extended beyond conventional real estate development. The founders immersed themselves, establishing businesses that sparked excitement throughout Panama. Pedasi stands as the birthplace of Dekel's innovative destination-building concept.

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Unmatched Quality

We use an exclusive, data-driven approach to identify locations with the highest potential for value creation and impact.

Top Locations

Our unique, multifaceted system enables us to acquire real estate quickly and discreetly, ensuring asset value protection.

Smart Investment

With our comprehensive toolkit, we address every livability and experience need, delivering remarkable atmospheres and lifestyles.

What is next?

We're shaping a world where vibrant, value-driven communities thrive.

Our journey continues with a clear strategy in place. We're committed to completing our community building mission, developing the first two vibrant neighborhoods in Panama.

In 2023, we're excited to unveil our inaugural global neighborhood in Malaga, Spain, ushering in a new era of transformation and community creation.

Our sights are set on Athens, with plans to evaluate it as a potential next neighborhood post-Malaga.

As we progress, we're geared for an accelerated scale-up, introducing new global neighborhoods annually, with unit economics mirroring the success of Malaga. The future is brimming with possibilities.

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