Dekel Group believes that people are looking for investments that can also provide new and interesting lifestyle experiences. To this end Dekel helps develop the community around it's projects, whether it’s in the form of a park, basketball court, new signage or new development projects such as the ones below. In addition, Dekel actively contributes to events and activities in these areas to stimulate a true lifestyle ambiance.

The Bakery
The Bakery is Pedasi's first bakery offering an array of freshly-baked goods and gourmet items to serve the town’s growing community. It is famous for the quality of its bread. The bakery is ideally situated in the heart of Pedasi to take advantage of local foot traffic and increasing passing trade. Thanks to its unique offering in the area, the bakery has become a regular destination for area residents and visitors. Bakery products are produced daily and include take-away sandwiches, soup and pizza for a light lunch, or evening takeout after work. The Bakery also offers a coffee shop serving local and international food with wireless internet and a sitting area.

Pedasi Tours

Pedasi Tours is on a personal and professional mission to share the beauty of Pedasi… but not with everyone. "Everyone” can go to the touristy spots, where authenticity is low and refrigerator magnets are high, and they will. We choose instead to share our special world with those who can appreciate it. So if you can appreciate beaches more beautiful than stock photos... or a charmingly traditional town, rich in culture and community... or a coral reef bursting with sea turtles and neon fish... or the sight of a Humpback whale doing gymnastics... or the misty nooks and crannies of the rainforest… then we'd like to share Pedasi with you.

Pedasi Realtor

Pedasi Realtor is a licensed real estate and property management agency based on Pedasi focused on servicing customers searching for a second-vacation home, income-generating properties, rental or a retirement option.

All the properties that are listed in our website have passed a due diligence program, which consists on studying the reputation and track of the developer, the warranty program and the procedure to solve problems, and finally the quality of the product.